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Hy thomas so, i Wright my feed-back about the muc,and it s great, like  in my dream, There are Only one option who miss for me, it is, when i  press a keynote (in monophonic) and keep it press ,them i press a second keynote, the muc play the second note but when i (press out) this  second note the muc don t play again the first note that i keep all Time press.

With a small trick the muc will also support your missed function. The trick is, that the polyphonic mode support following function: "Store dropped note and restore when the output port was free again".

For this function you must select one output port (Out 1-8) as v/oct or hz/v AND activate for the same port the polyphonic mode.
After that you go into the "Global Menu" and enter the menu point "Polyphonic Setup". Than make following steps:
1. Select menu point "Restore Dropped Note" and activate it.
2. Select menu point "When Poly Out busy" and select "Drop old activate Note".

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